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The Future of Payment Security in Canada

Visa Canada’s document “The Future of Payment Security in Canada” published in October 2017 has a lot of interesting information. In addition to an overview of the fraud landscape in Canada it outlines the steps they are taking to reduce fraud.

1. Devalue Data

  • 100% EMV Chip-Enabled Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Tokenization

2. Protect Sensitive Data

  • Contactless Magnetic Stripe Data (MSD)

3. Harness Data

  • Dynamic Risk-based Authentication (3DS 2.0)
  • Expand the Use of CVV2
  • Authorization Enhancements

4. Empower Everyone

  • Effective 13 October 2018, all Canadian issuers to provide consumer Visa credit, debit and reloadable prepaid cardholders with an option to enroll in transaction alerts.


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