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Rogue Wireless AP detection

Technical solutions exist to automate the process of detecting unauthorized wireless access points on a network.  These solutions generally work by monitoring radio frequencies to detect new wireless networks and/or monitoring the wired network for wireless access points.   Sometimes these features are built into the same equipment that provides the authorized wireless networks.

 A manual process can also be developed to meet this PCI DSS requirement.   The manual process usually consists of:

·       Maintaining an inventory of known wireless networks.

·       Scanning for wireless access points throughout the physical property with specialized equipment and/or software.

·       Correlating identified networks with maintained lists of known internal and adjacent wireless networks.

·       Sometimes, reviewing the MAC addresses known to wired networks.

·       Investigating unknown networks

The development and/or implementation of the manual process can be outsourced to firms with appropriate expertise. This option is desirable when internal resources lack the skills or time to accomplish.

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