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SharePoint users rejoice

It seems like PCI Assessments and large SharePoint file repositories go hand in hand.  I am sure we have all learned a SharePoint trick or two like:

  • How to open SharePoint sites in file explorer for easy file manipulation.
  • Mapping a drive to a SharePoint site.
  • Using Microsoft’s agent to synch a SharePoint site locally.

These tricks can make SharePoint almost a pleasure to work with a large number of files.  But one issue that has continuously driven me crazy are files and folders that do not meet SharePoint’s stricter naming conventions.  Some characters are disallowed.  Some names are too long.  It is so painful to find and manually change the files that refuse to copy to SharePoint when doing bulk transfers!

But I found a tool that will scan files and folders looking for SharePoint issues and THEN INTELLIGENTLY FIX THEM!   The tool I started using is called SharePrep and its available here.  The trial version will make you happy for a limited time and then its time to look at the $USD 175 single user license fee.  Hmmm.  $45, no questions asked, I will have to think about $USD 175.  That’s $C 227 right now.

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