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Traveling to Vancouver?

The SkyTrain is a great way to get downtown from the airport. A short (covered!) outdoor walk to the trainstop. Follow the signs to the DOWNTOWN TRAIN. You want a WATERFRONT train.

You can buy a ticket at the train stop, but the PRO tip is to get yourself an unlimited day pass. You can get these at 7-11 and other convenience stores. And there is a 7-11 at the airport. Take the escalator down and the 7-11 is right there. (And a liquor store right next door!) Get a day pass for less than $10 for unlimited travel on trains, buses AND the sea bus. You probably wont need the seabus, but if you are doing the tourist thing, it’s a neat way to get over to North Vancouver (maybe to see Capilano or Grouse Mountain?). The seabus departs just to the right (facing the water) of Canada Place (where the massive cruiseships dock). You can walk indoors from the Waterfront train stop.

Be sure and stick your day pass in the validating machine when you use it.

Maybe pick up a spare day pass while at the 7-11 for the trip back to the airport or other sightseeing.

The Vancouver Convention Center (where the community meeting is) is a short walk from WaterFront station. Walk along the water until you see the big blue map pin (an art installation).

(I refer to Canada Place as Canada Center in the video. Oops.)

You should bring: Umbrella and a water resistant jacket. Good walking shoes (so much to see!)

You probably will NOT need or want: Sunglasses, suede jackets, suede shoes, suede anything,

Money: Your credit card without EMV chip and PIN will work MOST places. American cash works MOST places too.

Something to buy: West Coast Native Art things. T-Shirts, mugs, scarves, etc.  Can be hard to find, but if all else fails there is a great shop at the airport with authentic works at reasonable prices.

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