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How can I attend the Community meeting?

Not a QSA, ISA, PCIP, sponsor or employee of a participating organization AND interested in attending the North American community meeting in Vancouver?

Two paths are available.

  1. Become a PCIP ($2245 USD for course and exam) and register for the meeting ($1295 USD).  Total costs $3540, but you are now a PCIP ( includes first three years of qualification and account maintenance).
  2. Become a participating organization ($3500 USD Annual) and receive two free community meeting registrations. And reduced registration for other employees ($495 USD).

Which path is more cost effective for you depends on:

  • how many employees your organization will send to the community meeting.
  • whether you plan on attending future community meetings.
  • how you value the other benefits of the PCIP plan and being a Participating organization.

And don’t forget to include the price (and availability) of Vancouver hotel rooms.  I hear supply is tightening and prices are rising.  Here is an Expedia link if it helps.

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PCIP Method

Become a PCIP.Take PCIP electronic course and pass included exam (per person) $2245 USD
Community Meeting registration (per PCIP) $1295 USD
TOTAL (for 1 person) $3540 USD
TOTAL (for two people) $7080 USD
TOTAL (for three people) $10620 USD

Participating Organization method

Become a Particpating Organization. $3500 USD
Community Meeting registration (for two employees of participating organization) $0 USD
Community Meeting registration (for additional employees of participating organization) $495 USD
TOTAL (for one person) $3500 USD
TOTAL (for two people) $3500 USD
TOTAL (for three people) $3995 USD


In order to attend the meeting, your company must be an active paid member in the QSA, ASV, ISA, PTS Lab, the Participating Organization or QIR program. Based on your program, you will receive a designated number of complimentary passes for your employees. If you wish to send additional employees beyond your allocation there will be a fee charged per additional person. You can also attend for a fee as an individual if you are an active PCIP.

Participating Organization

annual $3,500 USD membership fee

PCIP Training

The Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP)™ is the base, entry level qualification for an individual and provides a solid foundation for future career progression to other PCI qualifications.   This personal qualification stays in effect as long as the individual continues to meet program requirements and is not affected by changes in employment assignments.

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