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ASV Trivia

(all info is from Aug 14 2014)

1. How many ASVs are there?

2. How many in the US?

3.  How many in the UK?

4.  How many ASVs are listed as **In Remediation**?

5.  What percentage of Canada’s ASVs are **In Remediation** ?

6.  How many different ways can an ASV become  **In Remediation**?

**In Remediation**


1. 113

2. 56.  That’s almost like half.  Actually its only half an ASV away from half of all the ASV.

3.  15.   Of course we all know that an ASV’s geographical location is not necessarily related to where they do business.

4.  11.  Less than 10%.

5.  50%.  (2 of 4)

6.  Six.  Issues such as:

        1. failure to submit annual re-qualification fees
        2. failure to meet annual training requirements
        3. failure to meet Continuing Education (CE) requirements
        4. failure to pass the annual ASV Lab Scan Test requirement within 30 days after the re-qualification date
        5. Unfavorable feedback (unfavorable feedback is handled on a case-by-case basis and may result in qualifying an ASV Company for remediation)

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