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SSC announces an awareness program from a 3rd party?

New online security awareness course named PCI Essentials announced by the Security Standards Council.   Developed and sold by Security Innovations, the course is intended to improve security awareness.  Currently priced at 69, presumably American, dollars it is said to include a 30% introductory discount.  The discount disappears August 31 2014, so the price is $USD 99.  The new course does not appear to relate to the Awareness offering previously listed on the SSC website here.  The content is available for use in onsite LMS (learning management systems).  The 10 module course is presumably priced per user, doesn’t offer any certification, and may assist you in meeting requirement 12.6.

Security Innovations is the company that builds, hosts and maintains the Council’s portfolio of online training products, so if you develop a similar product, I don’t think you can expect a council news release for yours.

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